EXO Suho 수호 and Sehun 오세훈 at i.t VIP event in Hong Kong

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EXO Suho 수호 and Sehun 오세훈 at i.t VIP event in Hong Kong



좋아요 : 645 , 안좋아요 : 11

출처 : alivenotdead

May 6, 2015 – Suho and Sehun from EXO-K at i.t’s store in MOKO shopping mall in Mongkok Hong Kong for a VIP only K-Fashion event before going downstairs …

업데이트 날짜 : 2015-05-06 12:27:02
May 6, 2015 – Suho and Sehun from EXO-K at i.t’s store in MOKO shopping mall in Mongkok Hong Kong for a VIP only K-Fashion event before going downstairs …

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  1. Tugbaistheoff Turkey says

    uzun olan Suho mu?

  2. Nayeli J.S says

    chinas suertudas !!!

  3. Emely Z says

    The girl is sooo cute! Her reaction was way too cute ❤ Sehun is such a sweetheart.

  4. Sone says

    What's the name of the music at the end?

  5. Tee pak says

    want to meet sehun but i can't 😢

  6. Soo DO says

    sehun es hermoso basta shoro

  7. kyungsoos smile is brighter than my future says

    everyone is so short compared to sehun lol hes so tall man

  8. Sis Pri898 says

    Suho's smlile to fans😍😍

  9. Ferny Luuc says

    Sehun bien rígido jaja

  10. hide in bush says

    its funny may of fan girl wants to lean behind sehun hahah

  11. Irene Kim says

    Sehun na……

  12. Starry Night says

    I hated how they ignored Suho :/

  13. Exo Shidae says

    cute the fangirls. everyone's dream to take photo with idols.

  14. Chen LlU says

    Omo omo!!!! Sehun is so so so cute!!! We 're always with U Sehun!!

  15. Peiyee Tan says


  16. TheDoubleDeeDee says

    we as a fan cannot request to hug them? why?

  17. Handsome Sehun says

    The cheers of the fans for Sehun filled the venue.
    Sehun's extremely handsome appearance is really outstanding.

  18. Amanda Shim says

    Oh sehun so kind and handsome I want to be there ><

  19. luhan's flute says

    At like 1:30 I lost focus on the babies and sang along to Playboy in the background

  20. sussi boo bear says

    I wanna take the next flight to Korean and fucking hug Suhos soul out!!! I love suho so much and seeing girls paying more station to sehun is sad 🙁 I mean you can tell the girls tried to get sehuns station and wanted to stand next to him while suho was in this awkward position 🙁 I do want him to feel that!!

  21. Dancing Now says

    เซฮุน นายจะเสน่ห์แรงไปไหนเนี๊ยะ -0-

  22. Ju lee says

    I felt the guy pain when the people didnt want to take the picture with his phone but suho still take a selca with him. im jealous

  23. tamakikawaii says

    2:39 what is wrong with that girl. I know she wants to be next to sehun but pushing the other the was necessary? she even pushed sehun WTF.

  24. ducknicorn says

    i think it would be funny if after the shoot she/he will say ohorat to sehun :3

  25. mira luostarinen says

    why is sehun so tall oh my god he is so handsome

  26. mahasri jseelan says

    i want to be there too..#sehun!

  27. JungTaeMark says

    Couldn't watch it anymore half way through, im so jealous! Im like OMG Sehun touched the girls finger, OMG suho touched the girls shoulder, OMG Sehun touched the girls shoulder, OMG they both took photos with fans, OMG they all shaked hands, OMG they are ao close to the fans. T.T

  28. Lương Gia Vinh says

    love oppa suho

  29. Dee says

    When he locks eyes with the girl at 0:17 omg the reaction was so cute I probably would have died lmao

  30. Kim kaidashian says

    awwww the fans are so cute
    and Sehun being so friendly with them

  31. sehunieee says

    Aaaahhhh I am dead not alive haha 😛 that was the cutest!

  32. OhSehun says

    Just look at Sehun looking comfortable even tho it was kinda chaotic around them and he kept smiling , shaking hands with the fans , asking them to do the we are one pose , thanking them and even complying to their requests .. Like seriously how to not fall in love with him ?

  33. zen jamalul says

    Sehun is really nice…when  the girl asked Sehun to do the friendship e.t sign of exo next door,he did it,the girl is so happy and Sehun is so cool

  34. chau kelly says

    I stand outside I.T and I saw myself here😭so touching

  35. Love Sehun says

    My love SEHUN is so handsome all the time. What is purpose of their going there?

  36. THmusicismylife says

    Lmao! The girl who did the ET finger thing at 2:10! So cute xD

  37. qoantjq says


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